The vines

The priority is given to quality and respect for the environment: La Sapinière is in organic production to organic production. We treat our vines with the utmost care. Pruning, disbudding, suckering and thinning are all performed manually. Tillage is kept to a minimum to limit evapotranspiration yet safeguard the delicate balance of the soil.

Finally, careful monitoring of the ripening and maturity of each plot ensures our harvesting takes place at just the right time.

The work of a goldsmith

Each plot is harvested at night, during the vine’s physiological resting phase, when temperatures are low. This prepares the grapes for the first stage of winemaking – cold maceration.

In keeping with the guidelines for the AOP (appellation d’origine protégée) Malepère label, the vineyard produces three red wines, two rosés and a white wine.